aspire pain management program

Pain Management Program (ASPIRE)

The Aspire Pain Management Program (PMP) is PainMed’s 10 week intensive week pain management program.  The Aspire PMP aims to teach participants the principles of active self-management to assist them with both managing their pain and optimising their quality of life.

Our program is based on the latest clinical research and evidence-based techniques in chronic pain management.  In addition, our facilitators are a highly experienced pain management team including our Medical Director Dr Alister Ramachandran, our specialist clinical psychologists, specialist pain physiotherapists.

The Aspire Pain Management Program includes:

  • Education about chronic pain neurophysiology, neuroplasticity and the impact of these on pain perception
  • Psychological skills training to implement pacing, change unhelpful thought patterns, to improve goal-setting, flare-management and problem-solving abilities
  • Training in strategies to address low mood, stress and anxiety
  • Instruction in practical strategies to return to physical activity, daily tasks, work and previously enjoyed activities
  • Supervised group-based exercise sessions, hydrotherapy and Tai Chi
  • Overall, the skills and strategies imparted during the Aspire course will help participants to restore a sense of confidence in their ability to, with support, manage their pain more effectively and get back into life.  In addition, the Aspire Pain Management Program has a special emphasis on assisting injured workers to develop and implement a sustainable return to work plan.